Menopause – self love or self judgement?

Do you love yourself unconditionally, or have you made your self-love dependent on age, appearance or even hormonal balance? The etymology of the word ‘menopause’ is derived from the Greek meno for ‘moon’ – also the root word for ‘month’ … Read More


Setting boundaries is not about closing out others. It’s about letting yourself in. We often feel guilty when we set boundaries. It’s because women were trained from childhood to take care of other people’s emotional needs. And put their own … Read More

Charting the Menstrual Cycle is a Feminist Act #2

With Jenny Koos In this episode, we explore how patriarchy has affected women’s reproductive health and what we can do to reclaim our power. We need to open our eyes to how pharmaceuticals companies and the medical establishment (unconsciously) oppress … Read More

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