Urban Goddess provides a platform for women from all over the world to connect with the divine feminine in a modern, easily accessible form. This offering is part of the movement of awakening women and a general rise in global consciousness.

The awakening of the Divine Feminine is, simply put, the understanding that what we call God isn’t exclusively masculine. But it’s also an awakening to the Earth’s consciousness, an understanding that we need to change our relationship with the Great Mother, our planet, before we destroy it.

We must begin by healing the relationship with the feminine within ourselves, whether male or female.

As a result of this global awakening, women all over the world are coming together in networks that support a distinct feminine spirituality. A spirituality that includes honouring the sacred wisdom of our wombs, the natural world and the lunar cycle. It’s by sharing our knowledge about the menstrual cycle, and by empowering each other as women, that we can start to shift towards living more sustainable lives that are in harmony with the planet.

While the first wave of feminism created a platform of strength, from which women are now making their voices heard, the next wave of the feminine enables a deeper understanding of what is needed now. This includes a deeper process of psycho-spiritual transformation, and the use of ceremonial wisdom and intelligent magic to heal the wounds that are harming men, women and the planet alike.

We welcome you to participate in a new women’s movement that incorporates the female soul, and includes science and the modern world!

To support this, Urban Goddess offers:

  • Red Tent circles, Goddess retreats, workshops and personal ceremonies in Sweden, the UK and Costa Rica.
  • The Urban Goddess Sisterhood Facebook group allows women to ask questions of each other and share their wisdom about all aspects of living in a cyclical body. This offers a valuable resource and point of contact with wise and knowledgeable women from around the world.
  • Urban Goddess also creates sustainable, handmade products that support the return of the Goddess in the form of a unique essential oil blend. Precious, organic essential oils associated with specific qualities of the world’s Goddesses are blended into products that you can use with good conscience in your everyday life.
  • The book Natural Birth – A Holistic Guide to Pregnancy, Childbirth and Breastfeeding, which is also offered on the website, welcomes birth as an initiatory, spiritual process in the life of a woman.

To heal the rift in the fabric of life inflicted by patriarchal structure, we need to come together to co-create a new world, and weave the weave that will be strong enough to hold us all.

Welcome to the circle.

Find the Goddess in you!

  • goddess in your pocket

    Goddess in your pocket

    Rescue roller made with very precious plant essences associated with the Goddess. The Goddess in the palm of your hand! Roll onto pulse points when you need a boost of unconditional love, nurture and strength. Helps with stressful situations or busy environments. Great tool for space holders.

    Organic and sustainably sourced, non-genetically modified soya wax. Hand crafted in the New Forest. Just one drop of the rose oil corresponds to 20 rose heads.

  • Goddess in your room

    Scented candle made with very precious plant essences associated with the Goddess. Light the candle to fill your space with unconditional love, nurturing support and the power of the Goddess. Great for women’s circles.

    Organic and sustainably sourced, non-genetically modified soya wax. Hand crafted in the New Forest. Just one drop of the rose oil corresponds to 20 rose heads.

  • natural birth by kristina turner

    Natural Birth – A Holistic Guide to Pregnancy, Childbirth and Breastfeeding

    Kristina guides the new mother towards being a conscious participant in the spiritual process of bringing life into this world.

  • Red Tent Lymington

    The Red Tent is a worldwide women’s movement where women meet in circle around the time of the new moon each month. It celebrates and cherishes the monthly cycle and allows women to connect and nurture each other.



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