Kristina Turner is a writer and circle facilitator with 25 years’ practical and academic experience.

Her background is in the esoteric traditions, with her root teaching the Gurdjieff lineage. This is a rigorous discipline involving group work, inner exercises, practical tasks, study, sacred dance, meditations, retreats and conferences. Kristina has facilitated Gurdjieff work groups in Sweden and the UK.

She is a certified Red Tent women’s circle facilitator, and has led women’s groups, retreats and workshops in Sweden and the UK since 2015.

Kristina is the author of the book Natural Birth – A Holistic Guide to Pregnancy, Childbirth and Breastfeeding, published in 2010. The book was one of the first to describe the experience of childbirth as an initiatory, intrinsically spiritual experience.

She holds a Masters in English literature and the esoteric traditions from the University of Southampton, UK.

Kristina describes herself as a birth activist, and led the occupation of Sweden’s last midwife-led maternity ward, BB Sophia, upon its closure in 2016.