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Making Sense of the Divine Feminine for Today’s Woman.

In this podcast series, Urban Goddess brings you the latest in goddess activism, practical womb wisdom and visionary feminism.

Kristina Turner on Home Birth

Birth, Life and the Sacred Feminine In this episode I talk to author and activist Kristina Turner about Birth, Life and the Sacred Feminine. And about home birth, natural birth, water birth, doulas, midwives and how we need to put … Read More

What does obstetric violence mean?

What does obstetric violence mean? Did you know that interventions for hospitals are profitable? This is part 1 of 2 where we in Doulapodden meet an idol: the author and super woman Kristina Turner. She has among other things has … Read More

Goddess Feminism

In this episode she talks to us about natural birth as initiation into higher realities, and the importance of giving women the opportunity to feed on their own terms. We also talk about what a spiritual awakening can mean and … Read More

Charting the Menstrual Cycle is a Feminist Act #2

With Jenny Koos In this episode, we explore how patriarchy has affected women’s reproductive health and what we can do to reclaim our power. We need to open our eyes to how pharmaceuticals companies and the medical establishment (unconsciously) oppress … Read More