Urban Goddess Day Retreat

Saturday, May 18, 2019 at 9 AM – 4 PM

Helenedals Gymnasiesärskola
Katrinebergsbacken 12, 117 61 Stockholm, Sweden

In this Day Retreat, you will:
• Create your own personal mooncycle mandala
• Learn how to use vaginal steaming to heal your cycle
• Create you own unique herbal blend for your specific needs
• Deeply nourish the seat of your womb wisdom and empowerment

Kristina Turner is a birth activist and author who has hosted Red Tent women’s empowerment circles in Stockholm since 2014. Maria Andrea Niklasson is journalist, photographer dedicated to empower women’s cyclicality, she’s currently starting her own brand of vaginal steaming herb supplies in Costa Rica.

In this retreat, you will be guided to harness the powers of your menstrual cycle by:
• learning how to connect with the universal archetypes of the cycle
• connecting with cycles of the moon, the Earth and the seasons
• aligning the phases of the moon with your cycle
• learning how the seasons of your menstrual cycle affect your wellbeing and performance

Every woman who’s ever lived has probably wondered about the meaning of the menstrual cycle and its connection with the moon. In this retreat, we’ll learn how the two are linked and how to get the most out of this universal cyclicality by harmonizing with its energies.

You’ll be creating your own unique four-part menstrual moondala, which allows you to follow your menstrual cycle and the phases of the moon, and connect it with the universal archetypes that underlie it.

You’ll learn how to harness the energetic phases of your cycle and the power of the moon. This will help you to be become more effective at work and in your personal life by tapping into the qualities of each cyclical phase rather than fighting against them.

The moon cycle mandala will help you to:

• harmonize your menstrual cycle
• tap into your womb wisdom
• awaken the lunar goddess in you

You will also be empowered to heal your vulva and womb in a vaginal steam.

In the retreat, you will:
• experience a personalized vaginal steam
• create a unique, individualized herbal blend specifically for your needs
• learn how to release energy trapped in the womb and vulva
• receive a womb blessing

Vaginal steaming involves sitting over a steaming pot of water infused with healing herbs. Vaginal steaming is an age-old remedy that has been tried and tested over many generations. The practice has been largely forgotten, but women all over the world are now reawakening to its profoundly healing power.

The Mayans used it in postpartum care and Traditional Chinese Medicine uses vaginal steaming to improve and regulate the menstrual cycle. Vaginal Steaming is commonly used to treat gynecological problems such as cramps, infertility, infections, fibroids, cysts and dryness, but it’s also a spiritual and emotional cleansing tool which honors the source of your creations and releases energy trapped in the womb.

Vaginal steaming can:
• eliminate menstrual cramps
• soothe and moisturize
• tone and nourish vaginal tissue
• balance vaginal bacteria
• help you heal postpartum
• help you ease menopause symptoms

In the retreat, you will learn everything about this ancestral technique that’s been supporting women’s cyclicality for centuries. You’ll also be guided to discover the world of herbs and how to combine them to boost fertility, improve menstruation, prevent infections and relieve menopause discomfort.

You will come away with:

• knowledge about how to connect with your menstrual cycle at a deeper, more harmonious level
• an understanding of the relationship between your cycle and the cosmic cycles around you
• the ability to harness your menstrual cycle for a more empowered life
• new self-care rituals to connect with your center

Cost: 1,000 kr.
Includes retreat, all materials, lunch and fika.
Secure your place by paying SEK 1,000 by Swish to 073 988 2023 or book your space here: https://urbangoddess.se/shop/urban-goddess-retreat/

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