Urban Goddess Red Tent Circle


Urban Goddess Red Tent Circles are safe spaces for exploring living in a cyclical body.
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Date to be confirmed.
Are you looking for a safe space to share your questions and feelings about living in a female body?

Urban Goddess Red Tent circles are a forum for exploring awareness of the female body. The circles are safe spaces held by accredited facilitators. In the circles, we share the experience of living in cyclical bodies.

Female cyclicality originates in a complex interplay between biology, mind and spirit. This mirrors larger cosmic cycles such as the changes of the seasons and the phases of the moon.

Urban Goddess Red Tent circles are unique in uniting a modern scientific perspective with traditional wisdom. Spiritual reflection is as important as achieving hormonal balance. Together we create the ceremonies and community modern women need.

The aim is to feel loved, safe and strong in the relationship with our cyclical bodies and each other.

Our shared goal is to express and explore the Divine Feminine. We’re part of a global movement towards reconnecting with the Goddess.

Patriarchal religion, and associated political, social and economic structures, emerged around 5000 years ago. Before that, social life and spirituality were based around the Divine Feminine. These societies were also known as matriarchal cultures.

It’s important to remember that men have suffered from this imbalance as much as women. The return of the Divine Feminine is in no way a rejection of men or the male principle. This energetic resurgence delves deeper into our true, whole, nature. And this lies beyond male or female.

In the circles, women of all ages and diverse backgrounds come together in a relaxed and secure environment.

Kristina Turner facilitates the circles. Kristina is a certified Red Tent facilitator and author of the book Natural Birth – A Holistic Guide to Pregnancy, Childbirth and Breastfeeding. She has researched the esoteric traditions at academic level and has more than twenty years’ experience of spiritual practice. Kristina has facilitated Red Tent circles in Stockholm, Sweden since 2015.

Urban Goddess Red Tent Circles are held four times yearly at New Moon.