Cyclical Sisterhood Retreat 2019


Urban Goddess Tropical Paradise Retreat on the coast of Costa Rica in 2019.



You know that feeling of wanting to escape winter and run away to a warm country?

Of eating fresh fruits by the ocean, listening to the flow of a waterfall surrounded by tropical rainforest, you know that feeling of your body screaming for real vitamin D and contact with nature?

Welcome to the Urban Goddess Tropical Paradise retreat on the coast of Costa Rica in 2019.

We’ll be hosting a retreat at the exquisite Danyasa Eco Resort that will deepen your understanding of the feminine body and soul.

Nourish your spirit with authentic and safely held sisterhood.

Empower you with in-depth knowledge about your hormones and the tools you need to take charge of your individual cyclicality.

Connect you with the deep inner knowing of your unique chain of foremothers.

Allow you to really get to know the power of your fertility and post-fertility, from a biological and spiritual perspective.

Empower you to make informed choices about contraception and hormone replacement.

Teach you practical womb wisdom – female magic that you can use in everyday life.

Connect with authentic wisdom teachings that can be used in the online world.

All in the midst of outstanding natural beauty right next to the beach.

Can you visualize yourself there next winter?

Welcome to join a new kind of feminism that incorporates the soul, and a new kind of female spirituality that includes science and can be practiced in the urban world!