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  • Red Tent Lymington

    The Red Tent is a worldwide women’s movement where women meet in circle around the time of the new moon each month. It celebrates and cherishes the monthly cycle and allows women to connect and nurture each other.

  • Urban Goddess Day Retreat

    Saturday, May 18, 2019 at 9 AM – 4 PM

    Helenedals Gymnasiesärskola
    Katrinebergsbacken 12, 117 61 Stockholm, Sweden

    In this Day Retreat, you will:
    • Create your own personal mooncycle mandala
    • Learn how to use vaginal steaming to heal your cycle
    • Create you own unique herbal blend for your specific needs
    • Deeply nourish the seat of your womb wisdom and empowerment

    Kristina Turner is a birth activist and author who has hosted Red Tent women’s empowerment circles in Stockholm since 2014. Maria Andrea Niklasson is journalist, photographer dedicated to empower women’s cyclicality, she’s currently starting her own brand of vaginal steaming herb supplies in Costa Rica.