Holy Saint Gobnait, Goddess of the Bees,

We honour your life’s work dedicated to bees and beekeeping

We attune to your vibrational essence, in resonance with the flutter and buzz of their industrious wings

We give thanks for the miracles reported in your name over thousands of years

We rejoice in your ability to heal the sick using your own honey

We wonder at your ability to turn your beehives into bronze helmets and the bees themselves into your soldiers

We give thanks for the great source of protection the bees have provided for all women and their offspring since time immemorial

We heed the chime of awakening coming from the bell-of-bees hanging at your belt

We ask you to let loose the bees from your hives to attack the greed and exploitation that have poisoned the minds of (wo)mankind.

We plead for your intercession to save all bees from extinction

May your beatific face always be surrounded by bees, may your feet always be surrounded by honeycomb and may bees always chase away the thieves that threaten your green church

May all bees thrive and survive, multiply and pollinate, dance in beauty and produce the sweet results of their labour

As a supplicant, I humbly plead for the intercession of St. Gobnait

As a White Hag, In the Name of Gobnait,

I Make it So.

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