Menopause – self love or self judgement?

Do you love yourself unconditionally, or have you made your self-love dependent on age, appearance or even hormonal balance?

The etymology of the word ‘menopause’ is derived from the Greek meno for ‘moon’ – also the root word for ‘month’ – and ‘pause’ meaning to ‘halt’.

From a medical perspective, menopause coincides with our last menstrual cycle. But for me personally, it’s been an absolutely revolutionary period spanning a decade – so far!

The burning sensations of hot flashes are only the sensory manifestation of a volcanic non-acceptance of all things out of balance. I’ve waited my whole life to transform them.

It’s such a time for clearing out and getting rid of the stuff that doesn’t serve me – with confidence and conviction. Relationship dynamics, possessions, projects – they’re all being mercilessly scrutinised in the light of this raging fire.

I LOVE this stage of my life! Sex has never been better. I’m much more at ease with being disliked and voicing uncomfortable truths. I can SEE where my boundaries are and am better equipped to enforce them.

I think the traditional stereotype of older women as “battleaxes” has its root in this new-found access to their power.

The period of time that starts with peri-menopause (started in my late 30s I now see) and ends a year after our last period is known as the ‘climacteric’, which stems from the Greek word for ‘ladder’. This is also the etymological root of the word ‘climax’, and this is how I now see this phase of my life – the climax of my power.

Thank Goddess for the opportunity to embody the spiritual life in a woman’s body.

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