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Women’s Little Christmas

In Ireland, Little Christmas is celebrated on 6 January. This is also the date of Twelfth Night, Epiphany, in the Christian tradition. The tradition is strongest in Cork and Kerry, where on that day the men do all the housework … Read More

I hear you sister

I hear you sister Your pain is mine It’s not heavy I’ve been there since childhood You don’t have to heal Not comforted Not solved You don’t need help. You need to be heard. I hear you sister You open … Read More

Menopause – self love or self judgement?

Do you love yourself unconditionally, or have you made your self-love dependent on age, appearance or even hormonal balance? The etymology of the word ‘menopause’ is derived from the Greek meno for ‘moon’ – also the root word for ‘month’ … Read More


Setting boundaries is not about closing out others. It’s about letting yourself in. We often feel guilty when we set boundaries. It’s because women were trained from childhood to take care of other people’s emotional needs. And put their own … Read More

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